Adelaide Wedding Band for Rad Couples


​Hey there cuteface.

How’s the wedding music search going?

Seen enough cheesy agency bands and soppy duos to know what you definitely don’t want, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a non-tacky, alternative acoustic duo or wedding band for hire round these parts?

Welcome to our little corner of the wedding world.

Meet Fidel & Sarah

Hey dudes & dudettes, we’re Fidel & Sarah. We’re an adelaide wedding band that travels round Australia for rad weddings.

We’re a real band – 100% independent & agency-free.
(not 150 weekend musicians in different states operating under the same band name)

We play real music without crappy backing tracks. It sounds like this:

Wedding music for rebels, misfits, nerds and rockstars

You don’t have to compromise your music taste for your wedding..

It’s YOUR wedding.

So let’s make it the kinda party YOU would want to have.

Your weirdo-awesome love deserves a kickass live soundtrack
from starry-eyed ceremony to stomp-the-barn-down reception.

And when it’s all over, you’ll tell us that you had the time of your life.

And you’ve never felt this way before.
And you swear, it’s the truth.

It ain’t a nice day for a white wedding.
Be bold, quirky, colourful and outrageous.

Let’s folk your punk and jazz your grunge.
Let’s set fire to your souls.

Two loveable dorks

Acoustic wedding singers Fidel & Sarah
We’re two older-than-we-look folk musicians and daggy 90’s tragics who grew up on nirvana, converse and moshpits. We like jalapenos, banjos and gin. We’re also a professional acoustic duo for hire for couples who don’t want a boring, bland, cookie-cutter style wedding. We’re a Kangaroo Island / Adelaide wedding band, but you can take us anywhere in Australia for your adventure elopement or cool wedding. #havelovewilltravel

Come on in and see how we can make your wedding awesome.

Amie + Nick - Carlton

“ You guys brought a dream to life!
​We were always dreaming of having genuine folk musicians at whatever kind of wedding we ended up having and you two are everything we imagined and more. ”​


wedding ceremony musicians testimonial
Clem + Lana - Northcote

“You guys smashed it out of the field. I feel so so lucky that we stumbled upon you. You changed my perspective about our wedding, because it was OUR wedding and we could do whatever the hell we wanted.”​


Live wedding band testimonial from Teeg + Tai
Teegan + Mahatia - Melbourne

“We all sung along to “I Fought the Law”… Everyone was crying and cheering. The enormity of that moment was incredible!”


Russ + Anna - Perth, WA

“Sarah’s voice was absolute perfection. I couldn’t have asked for more. It had the softness and the soul and the rawness I was hoping for, and it made the moment so so special for me and Russ​”​