Acoustic wedding singers for super-fun ceremonies

Acoustic wedding singers Fidel & Sarah ceremony music

Acoustic wedding singers are renowned for performances that are ‘nice’ at best, and a tad boring. Know what we mean yeah?

Well, screw that.

There’s absolutely no need for such averageness. Your ceremony music should give you all the feels of the best live gigs you’ve ever been to. And it should be 100% you.

Our couple’s ceremonies are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We replace all the outdated bits with spectacular alternatives like dance-offs down the aisle, unforgettable ceremony singalongs and rockstar recessionals.

If you wanna get your crowd going wild, let us lead a smashingly good group singalong in place of a yawn-worthy reading and registry signing.

And you can still have sweet, romantic moments.
But let’s make ’em the jaw-to-the-floor-tear-jerking-magic kind. Si? Bravo.

Here's what you get with us:

We’re both wedding singers and multi-instrumentalist musicians. There be no backing tracks here, gar! In one very neat little acoustic duo, you’ll get:

  • 1 x bearded old-hipster male wedding singer
  • 1 x long-haired cowboy boot totin’ female wedding singer
  • 2 x wedding musicians who are both acoustic guitarists + ukulele + mandolin players
  • She also plays standing drums / banjo / banjolele / melodica
  • He also plays trumpet / harmonica

Also, we won’t dress like bogans and ruin all your wedding photos.

Ceremony Music Package

No two ceremonies are the same, we’ll tailor it to suit you. You’ll typically have a walk-in (processional) and walk-out (recessional) song.

Here’s an idea of what your ceremony package could look like:

  • 15-20 min pre-ceremony music if appropes
  • Killer processional song (the ‘walk down the aisle’ song)
  • F&S leading your guests in an epic all-in group singalong
  • Kickass upbeat recessional song
  • Plus 15-20 min post-ceremony live tunes

Ceremony + Canapés Package

After your ceremony, we can play cocktail hour canapés tunes to set the mood swingin’ and keep guests entertained.

You’ll get:

  • 1 – 2.5 hrs live music
  • Upbeat, unboring background music – instrumental & vocal
  • Sneaky jazzy versions of nirvana songs and the likes
  • Totally unplugged, acoustic music
  • Staged or roaming performance – we’ll meander amongst your guests, keep their toes tapping and their spirits high.
  • Blues, folk, bluegrass, french swing jazz, country, blues & old-timey americana – bloody good tunes you’ll love.

More, more, more!

If you’re looking to hire a band for your evening shenanigans, we can help you out there too. We’re available for wedding receptions, elopements, pop up weddings, and those awesome squidgy-shaped weddings that don’t follow the trad ceremony + canapés + reception format.

“ If you want a banging wedding, tunes are non negotiable. There is nothing- NOTHING- that will create an atmosphere/ an energy/ a vibe like live music”

Oh you want the longer version, do ya?

Rockin' ceremony format

A really good ceremony might look something like this:

  • Welcome
  • Processional
  • Reading / Singalong
  • Vows
  • Recessional
  • Celebration / Signing

Let’s break it down real quick…

You’ll be busy bees when your guests arrive, so with noone to greet them properly, things could get awkward real quick. Top-notch acoustic wedding singers can save the day, creating a warm welcoming atmosphere. For the best effect, we like to set up next to the welcome drinks station. #hellyeahyouwantthat

The processional (aka walk-in song) sends you down the aisle in utter bliss. Nothing tops live music for heart-fluttering, buzzing excitement. Here, more than anywhere else, you want a personalised song that represents who you are and what you’re all about – a ‘signature song’, your own rockin’ personal love anthem.

Gone are the days of obliged friends & siblings hiding behind A4 printouts mumbling “Love is patient, love is kind”. We can replace boring ceremony readings with well-led group singalongs. They’re way more entertaining and manage to make ALL your guests feel involved in your wedding. Win!

Our couples have sung, interpretive danced, and spoken worded their vows to the soundtrack of our live music. It’s FUN. Vows are totally personal, and well-chosen music will help you make ’em as sentimental, fierce, hilarious, or entertaining as you see fit for your wedding. #youdoyou

Your epic omg-we’re-married-let’s-pash / walk out song should be H U G E . We highly recommend an upbeat, energetic song for this celebratory moment. This is another great moment for a signature song. And we can help you find the perfect tunes.

The rad celebrants we work with recommend leaving the registry signing til AFTER the ceremony and we are 100% with them. During the ceremony, it’s an awkward lull. Your guests don’t wanna watch you sign your name. Move your signing to the end of the ceremony and let your guests be entertained with fun, lively tunes.

Melbourne wedding celebrant Anthony Cribbes

” Nothing quite captures the feel and mood like live music can. The other great thing about live music is that you can ad-lib a little…so if you need to re-play the bridge as there was an unexpected delay you can….or you can fade out the song no worries. It’s always awkward when a song on the PA stops abruptly, or the distortion kicks in or it finishes before the bride gets to the end… LIVE music all the way people. “

“Tiny Proposal” original song for Sham + Gerard

“I Wanna Be Sedated” Ramones cover for Frank + Scout

Hey folks. We're Fidel & Sarah.

Acoustic wedding singers Fidel & Sarah
© Georgie James Photography

Small weddings are our specialty. We’re an adelaide-based, travel friendly acoustic duo.
We’re older than we look (thanks). We’ve been rocking weddings for over 25 years with more than a few tricks up our banjo-totin’ sleeves.

We’re 100% cheese-free and independent. Not an agency band or random group of session musicians using the same band name. What you see is what you get. Just one bearded dude and one long-haired lady singing and playing all the songs to make you swoon.

Susan + Shane - Geelong

“Who couldn’t want a band that plays I Wanna Be Sedated at weddings? We loved how much you fitted in with everyone else (especially Shane’s dad), as if you were family. And of course your performance couldn’t have been better!”


Tamika + Cam - Warnambool

“They did an amazing job. ​They were spectacular and had the whole crowd on their feet all night. Laughing, singing, dancing and even ham boning (people ended up with bruises, they were that enthusiastic!)”​