Acoustic wedding musicians for misfits, dorks, rebels & rockstars


Congrats dudes. Out of 7.442 billion weirdos in the world, you found yours!

Rockin' live music on your special day

There’s a fine art to creating a kickass wedding soundtrack that keeps guests entertained and raving “I loved it! Your wedding was SO YOU!” for years to come.

You want wedding musicians who can fill your day with signs of who you are from the very first aisle song to the end-of-the-night-feet-are-killing-oh-my-gosh-that-was-amazing last dance.

Alternative wedding musicians first dance
Lana & Clem loved their rockin' live first dance © I Got You Babe Photograph
Alternative wedding musicians at same sex wedding
Teegan & Mahatia's midnight wedding extravaganza © Christian Marc Photography

You crazy kids want somethin' different

There’s plenty of ceremony musicians and wedding bands out there. But when it comes to the alternative, non-traditional, folky punky stuff you love, you’re outta luck.

You get caught up trying to pick from generic songlists and end up with a bland and forgettable soundtrack to the most momentous day of your life. No thanks! 

High kick your way down the aisle

A smashing good wedding starts with a bang. If you dig alternative artists like Ramones, David Bowie, Johnny Cash or The Cure, we’ll rock your socks off.

We’ll help you choose killer wedding music from your walk for your ceremony, canapés and reception. Stuff that suits you. Like sweet, offbeat acoustic versions of your fav punk songs. And your guests are gonna love every second of it.

Live acoustic wedding musicians
Alternative wedding musicians make for rad ceremonies © Gold & Grit Photography

“Tiny Proposal” original song for Sham + Gerard

“I Wanna Be Sedated” Ramones cover for Frank + Scout

What we can do for your wedding music:

wedding song selections icon

Song Selections

First we’ll get to know each other over a glass of wine and a catchup. If you let us, we’d love to do the hard work of finding the absolute best songs for your wedding on your behalf. Based on your relationship story, your favourite music, and unique quirks, we undertake weeks to months of research to bring you the perfect shortlist of wedding songs. It takes time to get it right. And we’re real good at it.

Once we’ve made a shortlist, we’ll have another meeting and run over all the options with you. You’ll pick your favs and we’ll learn them to perfection in our unique style.

acoustic ceremony music icon


Our couple’s ceremonies are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Working together with your celebrant, we’ll happily replace all the outdated bits with spectacular alternatives like dance-offs down the aisle, unforgettable ceremony singalongs and rockstar recessionals.

You’ll typically have a walk-in (processional) and walk-out (recessional) song. If you wanna get your crowd going wild, let us lead a smashingly good group singalong in place of a yawn-worthy reading and registry signing. After your awesome ceremony, we can play some more tunes leading into canapés. 

canapes wedding music icon


Background music is ideal for cocktail hour canapés. But that doesn’t mean it should be boring. A good-lookin’ acoustic duo playing lighthearted, upbeat songs sets the mood swingin’ and keeps guests entertained.

For a delightfully intimate experience, you can have your cocktail music totally acoustic too – we’ll meander amongst your guests, keep their toes tapping and their spirits high.

wedding reception musicians icon


Start your reception entertainment with unboring background music. Then we’ll turn things up a notch without tacky dancefloor fillers. We get guests dancing with great entertainment.

Skip the wedding dj, mc and crappy venue microphone for speeches – we’ve got you covered with all that jazz. 

What you get when you book us:

  • Two acoustic wedding singers
    male & female vocals + sweet harmonies
  • Full day coverage – ceremony/canapés/reception
    up to 8 hrs all-killer-no-filler music
  • Unique instruments
    banjo, uke, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, trumpet
  • Awesome live songs for your special moments
    processional, recessional, first dance and singalongs
  • Custom quirky song requests
    researched, learnt and perfected for you
  • Unobnoxious PA volume
    it’s your wedding, not a nightclub
  • Compact
    we don’t need a big space to do what we do
  • Stylish wedding dj between sets
    our ipod has curated wedding playlists
  • Totally acoustic option
    our superpower is volume without amplification
  • Full PA + all required sound equipment
    stands, leads, boring bits you don’t need to stress on
  • Full set-up & pack down
    + sound engineering & PA relocations
  • Public liability coverage
    + all our equip is tagged & tested. You’re safe!
  • 25+ years experience = great advice
    creative ideas, perfect delivery & limitless support
  • Cool dudes you’d want at your wedding
    and new musical besties to hang with post-wed

Do we sound like the best wedding musicians for you?

Just one rule - absolutely no crap music.

Set us on fire, we still won’t play reggae, funk, irish, top 40 or done-to-death covers.

If it’s on a mainstream cover band songlist, it’s probably going to suck the life out of your wedding.
You know the stuff – Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Brown Eyed Girl, Valerie, Dancing Queen, or It’s Raining Men, Michael Jackson, John Farnham, Cold Chisel, Daryl Braithwaite, Bruno Mars…

You get it. Hopefully this is why you’re gonna love us. Let’s move along.

Testimonial for wedding musicians Fidel & Sarah


There are over 121,197 weddings in Australia every year.

And if we have anything to do with it, yours won’t be ANYTHING LIKE any other. You won’t find cookie-cutter package pricing here. You’ll get a custom quote for exactly what you need and want. We’ll help you work out the best package to make your day cool bananas.

As a general guide, our wedding bookings range from $7 – 15K.


We limit our bookings to a small selection, so we can put real heart into each one. No double bookings, and no generic filler music.

Nothing is automated here. You’re awesome humans, not bookings through a fancy bit of software. And you’ll notice the difference in the way we immerse ourselves in your wedding plans.

If our other couples are anything to go by, we’ll be catching up for celebratory drinks long after the day. Sound like the kinda musicians you want at your wedding?

We Care A Lot

We give a crap about making your day the best it can be.

Right from the early planning stages, we’re dreaming and planning right beside you. You’ll have our experience, wisdom, and honest-to-goodness advice on your side.

Let us show you how amazing your wedding can be. There are SO many things you don’t know you can do.

Call us anytime with questions and freakouts.

We’ve been through our fair share of weddings,
we’d be happy to hold your hand and ease your troubled mind.

Live wedding band testimonial from Teeg + Tai
Teegan + Mahatia - Melbourne

“We all sung along to “I Fought the Law”… Everyone was crying and cheering. The enormity of that moment was incredible!”


Russ + Anna - Perth, WA

“Sarah’s voice was absolute perfection. I couldn’t have asked for more. It had the softness and the soul and the rawness I was hoping for, and it made the moment so so special for me and Russ​”​

Hey folks. We're Fidel & Sarah.


Acoustic wedding musicians with a bit o’ bite. Small weddings are our specialty. We’re a Kangaroo Island based wedding band.

We’re older than we look (thanks). We’ve been rocking weddings for over 25 years with more than a few tricks up our banjo-totin’ sleeves.

We’re 100% cheese-free and independent. Not an agency band or random group of session musicians using the same band name. What you see is what you get. Just one bearded dude and one long-haired lady singing and playing all the songs to make you swoon.