Adelaide acoustic duo of awesomeness, yeah.

adelaide wedding band Fidel & Sarah

100% agency-free, independent, real musicians.
​Bringing you charming non-traditional wedding music. None of that cover band junk.
The only cheesy things you’ll find here are our music puns.

Adelaide acoustic duo Fidel & Sarah

Meet Fidel & Sarah

​We like the old stuff better than the new stuff.
Like banjos. And blue cheese. And our vintage caravan Myrtle.

We’re an Adelaide acoustic duo that refuse to play crappy music.
Our tiny home rolls on wheels. We chase sunshine. We drink spiced whiskey. 
We spend a good portion of our rehearsal time in fits of laughter.


Adelaide wedding singer & guitarist Fidel

About Fidel

Sings: stompin’ good alt punk wedding songs
Plays: guitar, trumpet, mandolin, harmonica, uke
Favourite artists: Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, The Ramones, Townes Van Zandt, Doc Watson
Hometown: Winchelsea, near Geelong
Teen crush: Wendy James from Transvision Vamp
First concert: The Ramones @ Festival Hall
Spirit animal: tawny frogmouth / rescue puppy

Acoustic wedding singer Sarah with ukulele

About Sarah

Sings: sweeeeetass ceremony songs, swing jazz, folky covers
Plays: banjo, ukulele, mandolin, guitar, drums, harmonica
Favourite artists: Tom Waits, C.W. Stoneking, Annette Hanshaw, Future Of The Left, Justin Townes Earle
Hometown: Melbourne (northside yeah!)
Teen crush: Mike Patton from Faith No More
First cassette: Bruce Springsteen – Born In The U.S.A.
Spirit animal: bearded dragon / bush stone curlew

marry me dee ceremony musician testimonial for Fidel & Sarah

“Oh you guys are just the sweetest two people I’ve ever met!”

Marry Me Dee – Celebrant – Brunswick, VIC

Wanna know more?

What exactly do you do?
We perform live alternative music for wedding ceremonies, canapés, receptions & adventure elopements.

Any music you don’t play?
Totally. We don’t do reggae, funk, irish music, farnham, pub rock, top 40, bono. You’re welcome.

Alternative music? What’s that all about?
We can’t stand the usual wedding band repertoire. When we decided to join the darkside and become a wedding band, we swore to do it on our terms. Never would we play the kinda music that destroys souls. Instead, we play stuff like this.

What’s your favourite wedding style?
Intimate. Colourful. Delightfully weird. Non-traditional. Unweddings. Anti-weddings. Rockstar weddings. Couples that don’t give a $*#& and do things their way.

Do you travel for elopements / destination weddings?
Yes! So while we’re an Adelaide acoustic duo, we are also folk nomads. Our vintage caravan gets us to weddings through country victoria, south australia, new south wales, queensland, and northern territory. We love islands, deserts, caves, isolated beaches and interesting landscapes.

Best place in the world?
Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Who are your people?
We absolutely adore couples who own who they are and wear their kookiness on their sleeves. They tend to be misfits, nerds, rebels, punks, fringe-dwellers, the uncool. Sometimes they have beards and tattoos and crazy bright hair. Sometimes they’re salty and introverted and stay true to themselves even when it shits people – that’s equally awesome.

Do you support marriage equality?
You bet your buns.

Describe the good life.
On the road ’round Australia in our van Myrtle, homemade mexican food, ukulele beach picnics, drinkin’ great wine.

Is it weird asking yourselves questions and answering them?
Yeah, but how else are you going to get to know us? Guess we could get together, have a drink, sing some songs… Maybe we should go on a date. Are we being too forward? Eh. That’s how we roll.

Best tip to navigate the sea of average wedding crap?
Trust your vendors. Once you find a good quirky, alternative vendor you love, ask them who they recommend. They’ve seen it all and they’ll only align themselves with other legends.

And wedding music advice?
Pick your special songs from your own music collection and/or your awesome band’s song list. Avoid generic internet wedding music lists like the plague. They suck so bad.

How did you become a wedding band?
That’s a great question. We answer it in detail in our article why we joined the dark side.

Want this alternative acoustic duo at your wedding?

We’ve got alternative songs & creative music ideas to make your wedding rock like nobody’s bizniss.
Where are you gettin’ hitched?

Folks said some nice things about us.

Live wedding band testimonial from Teeg + Tai
Teegan + Mahatia - Melbourne

“We all sung along to “I Fought the Law”… Everyone was crying and cheering. The enormity of that moment was incredible!”


Colourful wedding elopement testimonial
Gerard + Sham, Melbourne

“Fidel and Sarah are excellent humans. They bring a great vibe, an awesome range of tunes, and have a rad dynamic energy that seeps through their music! Bouncing from super fun covers of 80’s punk songs like ‘Skulls’ by The Misfits, to incredibly adorable original songs… they made the soundscape a blissful hit.”


Russ + Anna - Perth, WA

“Sarah’s voice was absolute perfection. I couldn’t have asked for more. It had the softness and the soul and the rawness I was hoping for, and it made the moment so so special for me and Russ​”​

Tim + Adam - Kangaroo Island

” Fidel and Sarah listened carefully to what we wanted and made recommendations when we had no idea what would work. They made brilliant adaptations and suggestions of songs for every moment of our day. We absolutely adored having Fidel and Sarah play at our wedding. They were perfect!