Kangaroo Island Weddings

wedding ceremony musicians Fidel & Sarah

Fancy eloping on a remote island paradise, just 18kms from mainland Australia?

Kangaroo Island weddings are jaw-droppingly beautiful. We should know, we live here. Our wedding music travels have taken us all around Australia, but there’s nowhere else we’d rather be than here.

If you’re considering getting married on KI, let us show you around.

KI Beach Weddings

Kangaroo Island has over 500kms of coastline and 50 pristine beaches for you to choose from. 

Did you get that? FIFTY! 

You can get married knee-deep in clear, calm, turquoise waters, or enjoy the smashing surf breaks as the background to your coastal wedding. 

Luckily, this lil acoustic duo spend their days rehearsing on said beaches – and we can clue you in on the best ones depending on the weather, the season, and your personal preference.

Elope in the wild

How ’bout an adventure elopement in one of KI’s finest natural locations? You could elope just the two of you, a celebrant, and your musicians (who can double as your two legally required witnesses). Or we can help you arrange a wild destination wedding with a handful of your favourite family and friends.

Aside from beaches, Kangaroo Island has an abundance of natural environments to choose from, including:

  • In the pines
  • Bushland
  • High on a mountain
  • Clifftops
  • Rocky outcrops
  • Desert sand dunes
  • Caves
  • Lagoons
  • Islands (yes literally, island within islands)
  • National parks
  • Amongst endemic yaccas (Tates grass tree)
  • Pink lakes
  • Dried salt lakes

KI Wedding Venues

There’s also plenty of venue options for weddings with guests. Depending on how many people you’re inviting, what sort of accom you need, and what floats your boat, there’s plenty of unique and unusual wedding venues to choose from including:

  • Private property (gardens, orchards, farms, historic buildings)
  • Winery weddings
  • Glamping weddings
  • Luxury accommodation weddings
  • Resort weddings
  • Brewery weddings
  • Distillery weddings
  • Yacht weddings
  • Small hall weddings

World class vendors

We have an excellent network of local suppliers and mainland suppliers that service Kangaroo Island region. We can help you connect to some of the best wedding vendors in the industry including:

  • Caterers
  • Ceremony musicians (ahem.. us)
  • Reception live band (also us)
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Marriage Celebrants
  • Wedding Venues
  • Wedding Videographers
  • Private land owners
  • Florists
  • Cake makers
  • Wedding stylists
  • Alcohol suppliers
  • Hair + Makeup
  • Marquee & tipi hire
  • Food trucks

…and if there’s something else you need, we reckon we can help you source it.

Adventure honeymoons on KI

After your island wedding, we reckon you should stay a few days (at least) and experience all the greatness this beautiful place has to offer. We can’t possibly list everything, but here’s some of the good stuff you can expect:

  • Gourmet food experiences
  • Local artisan products
  • Kayaking alongside seals / dolphins / eagle rays
  • Luxury accommodation (everything from super resorts to glamping)
  • Bushwalking
  • Snorkelling
  • Surfing
  • Wildlife & nature tours
  • Local breweries, distilleries and wineries
  • Fresh seafood
  • Wildlife encounters – raptors, goannas, kangaroos, tamar wallabies, glossy black cockatoos, koalas, so much more…
  • Countless photographic opportunities

But the best thing? The absolute, uninterrupted serenity. You can find your own little pocket of paradise everywhere you go. Don’t be surprised if you get a beach all to yourself. Ain’t no place in the world quite like Kangaroo Island.

Congratulations lovebirds, you’ve made a great choice. This is an excellent place to get wed!

“ If you want a banging wedding, tunes are non negotiable. There is nothing- NOTHING- that will create an atmosphere / an energy / a vibe like live music”

Hey folks. We're Fidel & Sarah.


Small weddings are our specialty. We’re a Kangaroo Island wedding band.

We’re older than we look (thanks). We’ve been rocking weddings for over 25 years with more than a few tricks up our banjo-totin’ sleeves.

We’re 100% cheese-free and independent. Not an agency band or random group of session musicians using the same band name. What you see is what you get. Just one bearded dude and one long-haired lady singing and playing all the songs to make you swoon.

Tim + Adam - Kangaroo Island

” Fidel and Sarah listened carefully to what we wanted and made recommendations when we had no idea what would work. They made brilliant adaptations and suggestions of songs for every moment of our day. We absolutely adored having Fidel and Sarah play at our wedding. They were perfect!

Colourful wedding elopement testimonial
Gerard + Sham, Melbourne

“Fidel and Sarah are excellent humans. They bring a great vibe, an awesome range of tunes, and have a rad dynamic energy that seeps through their music! Bouncing from super fun covers of 80’s punk songs like ‘Skulls’ by The Misfits, to incredibly adorable original songs… they made the soundscape a blissful hit.”


Amie + Nick - Carlton

“ You guys brought a dream to life!
​We were always dreaming of having genuine folk musicians at whatever kind of wedding we ended up having and you two are everything we imagined and more. ”​


wedding ceremony musicians testimonial
Clem + Lana - Northcote

“You guys smashed it out of the field. I feel so so lucky that we stumbled upon you. You changed my perspective about our wedding, because it was OUR wedding and we could do whatever the hell we wanted.”​