The Best Alt Rock Wedding Song – Make It Wit Chu (QOTSA)

Looking for a modern alt rock wedding song?

Make It Wit Chu has got our vote. It’s a fun alternative to the soppy, done-to-death ballads you’ll find on most internet wedding song lists.

You can add personality, energy and cheek to your wedding music with a rockin’ song like this one. It’s brilliant for non-mainstream lovebirds.

And what’s even better, it’s unique.

It’s highly unlikely your guests have heard it at a wedding before.

You can thank Queens Of The Stone Age (QOTSA) for bringing you this kickass song, from their 2007 album Era Vulgaris.

Here’s their film clip:

What a top song! It’s pretty chill, yeah?

But if it’s a bit too laid back for your wedding vibe, no problemo.

Depending on their level of customisation, your wedding band should be able to match it to your chosen moment perfectly.

We’ll show you our cover version in a moment (or right now if you’re impatient).

First, here’s the reason you’ll find this song in our repertoire.

Why this song made our wedding playlist

Modern rock wedding song for groom processional
Beards, tattoos & cigars, Clem walking in to his wedding in style (photo: I Got You Babe)

Here’s Clem, rocking out on his wedding day.

This deadset legend needed an epic walk-in song for his wedding ceremony.

Most wedding bands are happy to learn custom songs for weddings. No surprise there.

What we do different is help you find the perfect songs for each special moment.

Being an alternative music man, we wanted to give him something from one of his fav bands.

During our wine bar meetup, we talked wedding plans and best metal & rock artists. System Of A Down, Acid Bath, QOTSA, etc.

Our rad couple didn’t want anything too heavy for their wedding crowd. Cool, cool. Suddenly we had a revelation.

So we said “Hey man, how ’bout we reinvent that Queens Of The Stone Age song Make It Wit Chu as if Johnny Cash wrote it PLUS rockin’ ukulele?”

And Clem said HELL YEAH.

So we did, and I swear to god, it was like something from a movie. I reckon they walked in slow-mo, they were so damn cool.

Why can’t a groom have a walk-in song, armed with his groomsmen, smokin’ a cigar?

Why limit ceremony songs to done-to-death online lists?

We LOVE when people have the guts to do things their way.

No wonder their wedding is featured on Hello May. Well deserved guys!

Alt rock wedding song review
Clem sharing all the good feels for our live performance at his wedding

Everything You Need To Know About The Song

Queens Of The Stone Age have been described as alternative rock, stoner rock, alternative metal, and hard rock.

Make It Wit Chu is a bit of an unusual song for them. It has more of a sexy, blues vibe.

The album it appears on was recorded just after lead singer Josh Homme married his wife, Melbourne-born punk rocker, Brody Dalle.

And she features in the backing vocals. Nawww.

As far as love ballads go, it’s equal parts funny and romantic. From the spelling of the song title, to the film clip of couples making out amid falsetto backing vocals.

But a little known fact is that Josh Homme first recorded this song four years prior with hard rock collective The Desert Sessions. It featured PJ Harvey on backing vocals and a solo from Ween guitarist Dean Ween. Yeah!

Also, the B-side for the Make It Wit Chu single features a cool, sexy cover of Billy Idol’s White Wedding, which we wholeheartedly approve of.

Hard rock wedding music QOTSA
Queens of the Stone Age

Our 'Johnny Cash' Style Cover

You might’ve noticed, the original is quite low-key.

​That can be nice for a chilled atmosphere, but to suit the vibe of our rock’n’roll couple, we changed it into a raucous Johnny Cash style country song.

We boosted the energy – added strong country style rhythm guitar, peppy ukulele acoustics and our signature vocal harmonies.

It sounds something like this:

How to use it in your wedding ceremony

You might want to consider this rockin’ number for your processional song, whether you walk in together or separately.

Because in these modern times, you can walk in any way you please.

Make It Wit Chu sounds epic as a walk-in song for grooms followed by their posse of groomsmen/maids. Which is how our cool couple used it for their wedding.

Your recessional song at the end of the ceremony should definitely be upbeat and celebratory.

If your band performs this song with big energy, it’ll make a grand recessional.

But if you want something really unique, have it performed as the soundtrack to your first kiss as a married couple.

It’s the best song for the best moment of the ceremony!

Modern rock wedding groomsmen
groomsmen preparing for grand entrance (photo: I Got You Babe)

Include it in your reception music

If you’ve already picked your special ceremony songs, you could always feature Make It Wit Chu during your reception.

Just as it works for a ceremony walk-in, it can be used for your reception entrance song (aka bridal party entrance) if you’re keen to do that sort of thing.

One couple we know used it for their first dance.

For that purpose, you could have your wedding band take it back down a notch to make a smooth and sexy live version.

Or tear the roof off with a stompin’ good country version.

Arrange for your band to invite your bridal party up half-way through to join you on the dancefloor and holler at the top of their lungs.

Modern rock wedding song couples dance
Dancefloor kisses all 'round (photo: Gold & Grit Photography)

Make It Wit Chu lyrics

It’s good practice to check the lyrics of your special wedding songs.

That way if there’s anything you’re not so keen on, you can ask your band to cut it or change it.

You may not care about anti-wedding lyrics, and that’s cool, as long as you know what they are and you’re making an informed choice.

We always warn our couples if there are iffy lyrics in a song they like.

It’s amazing how many lyrically inappropriate songs make it to wedding song lists.

I mean, don’t wedding bloggers check songs for suitability? Don’t they care what they’re promoting?

Maybe we’re too passionate and we should fade off into a grumpy musicians rant….

Ahem. Back on point.

Make It Wit Chu has no nasty surprise lyrics. Perfectly safe to use for your wedding. But here they are for your perusal:

Make It Wit Chu lyrics

You wanna know if I know why
I can’t say that I do
You wanna know if I know why
I can’t say that I do
Don’t understand the evil eye
Or how one becomes two

I just can’t recall what started it all
Or how to begin the end
I ain’t here to break it, just see how far it will bend
Again and again, again and again

I wanna make it
I wanna make it wit chu
(Anytime, anywhere)
I wanna make it
(Again and again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu

Sometimes the same is different
Mostly it’s the same
These mysteries of life
That just ain’t my thing

If I told you that I knew about the sun and the moon
I’d be untrue
The only thing I know for sure, is what I wann’ do
Anytime, anywhere, I must say, baby

I wanna make it
(Again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu
(Anytime, anywhere)
I wanna make it
(Again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu

Acoustic duo for live wedding songs Fidel & Sarah
That's us! Fidel & Sarah performing acoustic at a Melbourne wedding. (photo: Brown Paper Parcel)

Song facts & nerdy music fan trivia

For all you music lovers out there, we’ve compiled some interesting details about Queens Of The Stone Age singer Josh Homme.

Feel free to store this in your brain for that rock trivia quiz at the pub, or just skip ahead and marvel at the swoon-worthy photo of Josh Homme and PJ Harvey.


  • Homme is known for partnering with music legends like Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters / Nirvana), Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees), and Jack Black (Tenacious D).
  • He describes himself as having ‘musical schizophrenia’. Other current and past bands include Kyuss, Eagles Of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures and The Desert Sessions. He’s also collaborated with Iggy Pop, Peaches, The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys.
  • He’s been referred to as The Ginger Elvis, and started playing guitar at age 9.
    Of his influences, he says “The first record I bought was a Carl Perkins record, because I saw him at The Festival at Sandpoint, Idaho. I loved Elvis and I found out that he [Carl Perkins] wrote ‘Blue Suede Shoes… That’s when I realised I wanted to play guitar”.
  • He also recently spoke out about how the late AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young inspired him when he was first starting Queens Of The Stone Age.
  • The White Stripes fans will be happy to know Josh Homme makes a brief cameo in Jack White’s “Freedom at 21” film clip.
Hard rock wedding music - Josh Homme & PJ Harvey
Josh Homme & PJ Harvey - Make It Wit Chu - Desert Sessions

More rockin' wedding songs

If you like Make It Wit Chu, chances are we’ve got some other songs up our sleeves that you’ll enjoy.

Check out the following song inspo as well as our alternative processional songs article.

We hope this gives you some alternative inspo for your wedding. Remember, there are no rules. Your wedding, your way!

Have yourselves a fab wedding. xx