Band Hire FAQs

  • Do you charge more for weddings?
    Nah, that’s not our style. We don’t do wedding taxes. We don’t charge more for any event types. We charge by the hour, and our rates are the same for everyone.
  • ​Do you have your own public liability?
    Sure do. Venues like to cover their butts when it comes to big events, tipsy patrons, and heavy equipment. They like for wedding bands have their own public liability, which we do. Whenever you’re looking to hire a live band, make sure they have all-inclusive annual cover, not an expired per-event cover.
  • Apparently I need to ask if my wedding band has ‘tagged & tested’ equipment?
    Yep, we’ve got that too. We take care of all the logistics for you. Because it’s utterly boring and we want to save you the stress.
  • Can you really play without any amplification at all?
    Sure can. We’re both experienced street performers. It makes for very skilled acoustic musicianship. Actually, about half our bookings are completely acoustic. It all depends on the number of guests and what you want the music to do for your event. Chat with us and we’ll help you work out the best entertainment setup.
  • We need an amplified performance. Do you supply the PA?
    For small-to-medium events, we provide everything. We travel with all our own sound equipment tested and ready to rock you like a wagon wheel. For larger bookings (like corporate stuff), additional PA hire may be worthwhile. We can sort this out with you, or take care of it entirely.
  • The venue I’ve booked has noise restrictions. Can I hire a band like yours?
    Actually, heaps of venues have this. We’ve always been allowed to play (even when bands aren’t typically permitted). We’re not a ‘blasting drums and distorted guitar’ kinda band. For this reason, venue managers tend to like us (and grandma can leave her earplugs at home). If your venue requires it, we can play totally acoustic. We have db monitoring equipment, and we include this as part of our sound check.
  • How often do you rehearse?
    All the freakin’ time. This isn’t a weekend job for us. We’re very serious about the art of entertainment. We work together every day, and we rehearse obsessively. It’s actually part of our lifestyle. There’s always instruments lying around, begging for attention. We also run extra rehearsals specifically for your event booking. Maybe it’s a little over the top, but we like to know our stuff.
  • Can you learn a specific song for my wedding?
    We sure can. And we’ll give it that unique ‘Fidel & Sarah’ styling too. We have one rule though. If it isn’t ‘us’, if we can’t do it justice, we let you know upfront. We play a very special style of music, and we want to keep it awesome for you.
  • I’m not really into lovey-dovey wedding songs. What should I pick?
    You should pick songs that mean something to you and your darling. If you’re not boring people, don’t pick boring songs! You can search our blog for some unique wedding song ideas like alternative processionals, or go with what you already know you love. It doesn’t matter what others think, it’s your day!
  • How much planning do I need to put into the wedding music?
    Your wedding entertainment will work best if you put thought into a few special songs for key moments, and leave the rest up to your band. Entertaining mixed crowds is what we do for a living. We got this.
  • Can we hire you for ceremony music and reception music as well?
    And everything in between. You can book us for ceremony + cocktail hour + reception or any combo you like. Not all weddings follow that format, and that’s mighty fine by us. We travel for elopements and pop up weddings too.
  • I’ve heard that live bands can only play 2 or 3 sets a night, is that true?
    Not for us. We take all day, 12+ hr bookings. A few sets wouldn’t get us very far. We don’t mean to brag, but we have an enormous repertoire of stylish music. We can go all night.
  • Do you do live showcase gigs? Can I see you play before I book you?
    Actually, we’ll do you one better. The problem with showcase gigs is that they’re impersonal. We don’t love them. We’d rather chat with you, get to know what’s going to make your day awesome. And, if you’ll permit us, we’ll give you a private, live showcase on the spot. That way you can see exactly what you’ll get if you choose to work with us.
  • I’ve heard about mix-and-match bands. Will I get the exact band members I book?
    Of course. We’re not a franchise band with different members in different states. You may have noticed our (totally uncreative) band name simply represents two individuals. He’s Fidel. She’s Sarah. Simple as that. If you book us, you’ll most definitely get us.
  • What if I want a full band for my event?
    We can upsize to a trio, quartet or full band if your event calls for it. For this, we have professional muso mates who’ve been working with us for years. They’ve rehearsed and performed with us. They know our songs and love our style. They’re not random fill-ins. We only play with the very best, and we’re thrilled to perform with them in our full band setup which can include double bass, fiddle, accordion and drums.
  • What happens if you get a better offer for the same date as my event?
    Your awesome event happens. Nothing else. We’re very picky with the events we take on. We don’t double book, or keep your booking open to a better offer. We do hear about it happening though. But honestly, it’s not that hard to manage a calendar.
  • What happens if you’re unavailable? Like, say Fidel gets struck by lightning?
    That would be hilarious. But seriously, we’ve got 25 years performance experience between us. And we’ve never missed a gig. Pretty impressive, right? We’ve got a solid rep, and we’ve no intention of bailing on you. AND, in the worst case scenario, we know the second-best wedding musicians in the biz. But don’t tell them we said that.